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Kill score given = # of tiles the killed player had, when being killed
..instead of a fixed score. It could make the game much more dynamic and it would give a huge incentive for PvP and also allow it to guess a players real strength much easier (It would also enable more strategies, to reach high scores), and finally, it could lead to a higher player count, because of the higher rewards.

settler shared this idea 04/03/19 13:42
settler 04/03/19 13:56 flag comment
a variant of this would be to give the killing player a % of the score of the killed player. (like in a true rating system). eg. If your score was low when killing a high player you get a larger percentage as when killing someone near your rating/score. just some examples showing how to implement that variant: A(0p) kills B(10.000p) he gets 20%=2000p A(500p) kills B(10.000p) he gets 18%=1800p A(1000p) " , he gets 15%=1500p 2000p : he gets 10%=1000p 5000p: 5%=500p etc maybe we can implement the Glicko2-formula here..
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apparently my line-formatting hasnt worked here :( sorry