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XP, Ranks, and Perks
Everytime you kill someone you should get an amount of XP or whenever you get a certain number of tiles you gain XP. The XP would add up and give you your ranks. The ranks would then give you certain perks. For example for a person of rank 1 they would have the default 3x3 tile start area but for someone on rank 3 they could have a 5x5 start area. The XP would probably have to be tied to an account or IP somehow. You could also have other perks tied for ranks like people for rank 5 could have a speed boost for a certain period of time no matter the server. When you kill someone you could gain like 50-100 XP or whatever the XP level would vary depending on how much it takes to level up. Just a few ideas that would be cool to see in the game!

Kaleb E shared this idea 04/03/19 14:45
nah 02/07/19 20:32 flag comment
dude u probably play minecraft skywars if u think this way
nah 02/07/19 20:33 flag comment
but i think some of this would be too op, like say someone grinds this game and gets like 40,000 tiles and that might just ruin the game for everyone because of all the xp they get.
Dave Bowen 10/10/19 12:18 flag comment
Good idea
kim junsu 13/11/19 18:37 flag comment
yes i approve