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Show total kills in leaderboard
I would like to see the number of kills of the other players in leaderboard. Maybe you can add it in brackets next to their name.

JAW shared this idea 16/02/19 15:58
admin 16/02/19 16:03 flag comment
I am not sure if it is good idea. I dont remember io game that have this. Why you want it?
JAW 16/02/19 16:09 flag comment
it is difficult to tell from the current leaderboard how well a player is doing cos the kill points are much lower than Splix. Having an indication of the kills will give everyone a fairer understanding of the opponent they are facing. For example even tho i have 50 kills i have just 6000 point due to having much less land, having the kills there will allow my opponents to know i am much more dangerous than this making the game fairer.
admin 16/02/19 16:18 flag comment
Maybe i could buff kill score to 200/kill.
JAW 16/02/19 16:35 flag comment
lets see what others think about this and see what comments are like
admin 13/04/19 08:21 flag comment
why i don't like it: more information on screen + that players don't know who has how many kills can add some strategy to game.
Dave Bowen 10/10/19 12:19 flag comment
Points are added for kills
Urszula 05/04/20 13:54 flag comment
i think this is a good idea just because i like to feel comptetitive, people would try to kill more than the person who's leading etc. it would be a cool function