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Team play
Two new modes for the normal speed and extreme speed where you and one of your friend(s) share a code and team up (A team of two would be great and for you and that friend to count as one person on the leaderboard.)

Randy Todd Blankenship shared this idea 26/03/19 10:05
Joshua 09/04/19 10:51 flag comment
Do this please I like this idea
Klaudia Janas 25/09/19 09:19 flag comment
Or maybe something like in Colour battle. You know, eg. all red players play together, all blue players play together etc.
Anon Ymous 23/10/19 12:55 flag comment
Very good idea I would really like to see this put in the game
Hannah bowen 12/12/19 08:24 flag comment
Maybe just spawn on a team without a code.
Ark 12/04/20 18:24 flag comment
Makes me think of a variant where all players in a board are split in 2 teams and start from opposite sides (horizontally for the extra range view) and grind there way through to the other side of the board. Players joining are distributed to keep teams equal. would be a very chaotic environment a little like the [Rats] mode but with humans instead of bots and the action would go back and forth sideways once both frontlines reach :-)