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Bots are ruining this game
I don't want to play against bots. Please offer a version without bots. I refuse to play this game again if bots are not made optional if not removed.

LizzieMac shared this idea 29/06/19 21:23
admin 30/06/19 13:12 flag comment
Why bots ruin game? No bots = less players.
Yannick THOLOMIER 09/08/19 23:16 flag comment
I agree, Bots must be Optional. I do not want to play with bots too. I prefer less players, but real ones.
Yannick THOLOMIER 09/10/19 14:35 flag comment
Current bots are too random. Do they have agressivity? Do they hunt when their area is taken? What about removing bots that are doing an endless spiral at start?
admin 11/10/19 05:07 flag comment
Yes, bots are pretty random and passive. Spirals are cool.
Andrew Opresnik 23/02/20 05:09 flag comment
No fun being killed in extreme speed by randomly moving bots, I find it highly annoying when you are out drawing and something randomly spawns beside the trail and leaves you no chance to do anything. At least against human players you can appreciate any skill/luck in moving.
Andrew Opresnik 14/03/20 03:04 flag comment
Furthermore , it is extremely annoying when running along the wall to have a suicidal bot hit you.
happy 20/08/20 14:49 flag comment
Yes, bots should be removed. Bots are so annoying!!!!