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walls shouldn't kill in extreme-speed mode
In extreme-speed mode if you hit a wall it should not kill you, but instead either bump you to the left or right side or just stop your movement (like when pressing 'p'). In the other (slower modes) walls would still kill you.

settler shared this idea 16/02/19 20:12
admin 16/02/19 20:15 flag comment
this make capturing tiles near wall too safe
settler 16/02/19 20:23 flag comment
ok, good point, therefore it would only exist in speed-mode as a test, which can be changed later(?)
settler 16/02/19 20:50 flag comment
ok there is an idea for a refinement: only give that wall-protection to players who didnt press 'p' in that session.
JAW 17/02/19 05:07 flag comment
I agree something should be done about it. My suggestion is that the current wall marks the edge of the area that can be captured and that a second outer wall is added, maybe about 5 to 10 blocks off, which is the wall that kills players, without there being capturable blocks in between these 2 walls.
admin 17/02/19 12:26 flag comment
what is problem? just have respect to wall. wall is not simple enemy. and use chrome instead of firefox. i have lower FPS in firefox. in chrome i can play even in USA server. if you cant capture tiles near wall dont do it. it is extreme mode. btw in next update i will improve antilag that will help with playing in extreme mode.
Kev Clark 22/07/19 18:25 flag comment
Just learn to not crash into walls. Why make the game easier?? If you want easier play normal speed. Extreme Speed is fine as it is!!
Andrew Opresnik 23/02/20 05:02 flag comment
Do not play extreme then.
Muhammad Haroon Malik 02/04/20 18:33 flag comment
I like that idea
Ark 12/04/20 18:34 flag comment
Tweeking the speed down just a little should get it done. It would give a little more time to react to nearby walls and would make the mode a little less random for battles vs other players. The mode relies a little too much on luck over ability when battling vs other players. Speed is ok for grinding terrain when undisturbed but as soon as you have to battle vs other players it ends too quickly for and many times its not the better player that wins because of the randomness and reaction time.