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Increase the playfield-size of Normal-mode.
increase the field of normal mode from 400²(=160k tiles) to 500²(=250k tiles) to make it a more interesting challenge to conquer 100% of the arena. (even with this enlargement it would still be smaller and less laggy than Splix which has 600²)

settler shared this idea 16/02/19 20:21
settler 16/02/19 20:26 flag comment
(thanks for approving it)
settler 16/02/19 20:27 flag comment
(the first 3 votes are from me, is that ok?)
admin 20/02/19 11:50 flag comment
you cant compare splix server with tileman that have many game modes in one server. im satisfied with current world size.
Sergei 25/03/19 12:41 flag comment
I object to it. It's too big already, you can hardly fill it.
kim junsu 13/11/19 18:35 flag comment
3 votes from me bigger space more players and fun
Varnox x Ramoud 23/12/19 23:26 flag comment
The map size is just fine the way it is
Hannah bowen 29/12/19 10:08 flag comment
I agree