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Sound Design
What about (Optional) sound design for Kill, Be Killed, and Filling cells ?

Yannick THOLOMIER shared this idea 09/08/19 23:37
Yannick THOLOMIER 25/08/19 16:17 flag comment
If you plan to add sound design, they must be quiet. Dark and deep. - When you are drawing a line, it can be sound of an elastic that is streching. This exponential streching sound can adda stress to the player. - When you win a tiles Area, the sound can be stonger dependant of the number of tiles wined. That add a lot of statisfaction to the player." GLONK!" is better than "ploc". - etc...
admin 27/08/19 08:49 flag comment
I am really not experienced in sounds. Probably if I wanted to add some sounds, I would search in internet for some open free sounds. I don't want to do it in near future.