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Killed Animation
Definitely need something better than just a fade when a enemy is killed.

Yannick THOLOMIER shared this idea 12/08/19 11:16
admin 15/08/19 12:57 flag comment
You need to be more specific.
Yannick THOLOMIER 16/08/19 14:55 flag comment
The original splox have: - a small shockwave animation with particles - contract animation of the area cells - poping points +500 i miss that.
admin 17/08/19 13:57 flag comment
I have idea that I could show next to your score stats show for some time something like: Score 46298 +100 Kills 14 +1 when you kill someone or you capture tiles.
Yannick THOLOMIER 25/08/19 16:09 flag comment
Why not, but it not like a poping score at center of the hit. This poping text animation is a standard graphics for Damage in RPG games. It give to the player the satisfaction of damage.
admin 27/08/19 09:02 flag comment
Maybe make some more specific idea - put some text to description. Because I declined this... I like somehow specific ideas so I can then mark them as completed for example.