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encircling populated areas shouldnt color that area for you
If a player encircles an area where there are at least 2 human players it should only convert the edge of that area, not the interior. But areas with only 1 human player could still be conquered that way, and bot players wouldn't block the filling at all.

settler shared this idea 16/02/19 20:33
settler 16/02/19 20:56 flag comment
(a variant of this would be to treat humans and bots the same: then you can only encircle 1 bot, when there are 2 you would only get the edge of that area as new territory, like Splix did)
JAW 17/02/19 05:11 flag comment
I fully agree with the variant option
admin 20/02/19 11:55 flag comment
interesting variant idea. but maybe too complicated to code it. i think that doing it exactly like in splixio would be easier.
settler 14/03/19 12:50 flag comment
had an idea for a refinement: just fill the interior except the very tiles where the (inside) players are currently located (so that they each have 1 tile left with a chance to survive if playing quick and smart). This would be a compromise between filling all and filling nothing. If a player was outside his area while being encircled he would be out of luck and no tile would be left (inside) for him.