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Conquerable 'radar-stations' ?
This could add an additional layer of strategy to the game: If there were points(tiles) which, if conquered(colored) by you, give you the ability to watch their surrounding area even while being in another part of the map (if you die, they would revert to neutral again and if a bot conquers them, he gets the ability, too).

settler shared this idea 19/02/19 12:05
Kaleb E 19/03/19 10:01 flag comment
That would be great. Let's say you are like number 1 and all of a sudden you look on the map and you are losing mass on one side. You go over there and you kill the player and then on the other side your getting mass taken from you as well. It would be great to be able to monitor. Maybe if a player is within 100 blocks of the station or something I would show you a minimap of them. IDK