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More Precise Map
I think the map need to be more accurate, or with rounded values. Because sometimes, lines are not drawed. Sometimes we need 3 cells to see the line, sometimes it's 2, vertical and horizontal do not react the same way. The Center Spot do not seems to be accurate too. It is displayed a bit on top.

Yannick THOLOMIER shared this idea 09/10/19 13:00
admin 11/10/19 05:16 flag comment
Minimap tiles are accurate. Not all tiles are shown on minimap. It is OK. It allow some stealth gameplay. Player position on minimap is more accurate as tiles - it is reason of problem.
Yannick THOLOMIER 13/10/19 11:05 flag comment
It can't be named "gameplay", because it is totally unpredicable. The only stealth gameplay is on the edge of the ouside area. "Player position on minimap is more accurate as tiles - it is reason of problem." This is a developper point of view. For a player, it is just an unacurate localisation. You target to arrive on top of your block but you arrive a bit bottom of your target. Frustation. If you want the minimap unacurate for stealth gameplay, ok but the player position have to be pixel precise on an unacurate minimap.
Yannick THOLOMIER 13/10/19 11:16 flag comment
hmm, forget it. It is good like that.
kool 01/12/19 22:28 flag comment