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additional leaderboard section: "Time on #1"
(taken from

settler shared this idea 19/02/19 12:20
admin 20/02/19 11:47 flag comment
I think that currently its pretty easy to be #1 for long time if you play when not many players play.
settler 23/02/19 20:53 flag comment
..and therefore that section would be useful to compete your best times with those other top-times :) (we also have a tile highscore section although its pretty easy to reach 100%(in normal and speed) with patient&strategic play when only few players are online). time values have the advantage of having no maximum value (like 160.000 for tile highscore)
Hannah bowen 05/01/20 07:26 flag comment
It is easy in a deserted arena server as you are automatically #1