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Spawning algorithm
Do not (re)spawn players near the player who just killed them. The players I just killed are spawned over and over again just where I move. That shouldn't be the case. I once gained about 75000 points and an aggressive player comes and eats 15000 off me. I kill him, he comes again, and eats me again. I kill him 4 times, over and over, then finally he kills me, cause every next time he is born near my territory. He has nothing to lose, I lose 75000. After he kills me he dies soon, but he doesn't lose much, and I can't go on cause I can't gain all the lost points again.

Sergei shared this idea 09/04/19 07:46
admin 13/04/19 08:05 flag comment
I should do something. Question is how exactly will algorithm work...
Sergei 13/04/19 16:11 flag comment
Yes, that's a good question. If you think about it it gets like every player should have a history of their losses, along with the points where they took places and the players who killed them. The problem is it's not just one loss, it could be like 25 losses. Information for every loss should last for some limited time like 20 minutes or so.